International Intention Progression Competition

Welcome to the website for the International Intention Progression Competition (IIPC).

An important capability of an autonomous intelligent agent is the ability to achieve multiple goals in parallel, by appropriately choosing actions so as to provide the best outcome for the agent. This problem is both central to agent reasoning and complex in its nature, as the actions chosen to achieve the agent's goals may conflict with each other.

This problem of what an agent should do next -- which goals to work on and how to achieve them -- can be formalised as the intention progression problem (IPP): what means (course of action) to use to achieve a given (sub)goal, and which course of action (intention) to progress at the current moment.

The aim of the IIPC is to incentivise and facilitate research around the multi-faceted problem of intention progression. The competition is held annually to evaluate empirically state-of-the-art approaches to the intention progression problem on a number of benchmark problems.

How the Competition Works

The International Intention Progression Competition requires you to build an agent which can navigate a series of planning tasks. For an overview of how the competition is organised, what is expected and how to get going, please visit our dedicated page.


In order to participate in the International Intention Progression Competition, you must register. Once you have registered, you will be able to access competition resources and documentation to help you develop your entry.

Call for Participants

The First International Intention Progression Competition will be held in 2023-2024, and the results will be announced at the Twelfth International Workshop on Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (EMAS@AAMAS 2024) in May 2024. To register your interest, please complete the form on the registration page.